I'm Anna Kućma, a freelance curator and cultural producer with an extensive background in photography and a passion for photographic and visual literacy education. Originally from Kraków, Poland, I have over a decade of experience working and collaborating internationally in Europe and East Africa. I help organisations and artists to ideate, design, fund, realise, manage and produce diverse cultural projects, often in resource-limited environments. 
I founded the Uganda Press Photo Award and FOTEA in order to focus on developing new educational models for photographers and visual storytellers. Both have a strong presence across East Africa and internationally, collaborating with a wide network to create educational programs, events, exhibitions, books, and more. I am frequently asked to nominate, serve as a jury member and review portfolios for competitions, festivals and workshops. 
On top of that, I keep busy as an independent cultural consultant overseeing a wide variety of visual production, and I am always interested in discussing new projects and collaborations. I hold two Master's degrees, in Cultural Policy and Management (Sheffield Hallam, UK) and Film and Photographic Studies (Leiden University, NL). I am based in The Hague, NL, and am available for consultancies worldwide.
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